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It is in addition to black and white, another interpretation of elegant colors. VISCAP applying it to the extreme, but also move also quiet elegance, anyone willing to enjoy. Nude international hot nude color, of course escape VISCAP keen fashion antennae, nude color low-key enough to have a rather low-key overweening noble, gentle enough and not overly sweet, with nude color interpretation of these seemingly simple but rich in wisdom and philosophy designed to promote a more mellow temperament elegant understated.

Autumn, we can also dress up the girl walked down the line, pretending not only by age, but also under the youthful feeling aftertaste. Very sweet atmosphere. Love beautiful Xiaobian recommended several girls wear, pretending sweet ride, immediately turned the attention Fan, super stylish. Print design theme highlights the hand-drawn elements of college wind, large thermal motion to still look preppy girl brings new ideas. Such designs are often a source of inspiration is the cultural arts, fashion insiders news, information hotspots, brand trends, celebrity fashion and so on. 'POP clothing popular front' with hand-drawn illustrations and sketches found in the increasingly popular font, wind patterns and natural hand-painted College font printing brings new trend for women's casual T-shirt, this process is still large thermal motion to institute wind girls look to bring new ideas .

Su really said that although there is a solid team, but to be satisfied that the pattern in just a few months to more than 50 manufacturers to create a supply chain is not easy, it is satisfied with the old pattern of the parent brand is inextricably cum relationship, the parent brand brings its supply chain advantages. Satisfied that the pattern of new large investment promotion last year nearly 90 million yuan in sales, advertising costs a total of 3.67 Polo Ralph Lauren Outlet million yuan, I think this is the hero. Su really said that when most brands have to deal with the electricity supplier as inventory sewer, satisfied that the new pattern dare, dare to spend enough on investment in order to create a visual image of the brand online.

America where they go! → We went to Thailand now! First stop: Bangkok is 'Buddhism are' Thai fusion of Eastern and Western cultures, is called the all-inclusive 'City of Angels.' Bangkok must go to worship Buddha very efficacious; visit the Polo Ralph Lauren Outlet magnificent Grand Palace; savor the most authentic local Thai cuisine, of course, but also to experience the feeling of shopping in Thailand. Second stop: Chiang Mai is one filled with history and culture of the ancient city, there is a small town feeling you have to come here to stroll, to experience Thailand's unique 'slow' life. Third stop: Phuket, Thailand came to this tropical paradise, must go to enjoy Phuket's seaside style.

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