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With the latest upgrade of seven wolves brand connotation, Chow explained that China's economy has developed to a stage, especially after the financial crisis stage, the transformation trend of Chinese enterprises is very explicit, and this corresponds to that, people also due to socio-economic transformation to face many new phenomena and new problems. In fact, seven wolves Chinese apparel industry has been adapting to the new era, a new era of boot typical mainstream fashion and culture. Early in the 1990s, seven wolves on according to China at the time trend of social development, Polo Factory Store Online the first in the apparel industry has established endless struggle wolf culture as its brand connotation; after seven wolves men's something new, the man not only one side as own brand slogan, depicting the struggle ahead and life positive and optimistic man image quality career.

In 2012, the elegant birds happy family of five members signing He Jiong, Xie Na, Li Weijia, Wu Xin, Du Haitao in the form of a whole family as a brand spokesperson. Whether five members or their personal style presided over the Happy Camp are happy with the brand content generated strong association movement, but also more acceptable by consumers. According to the survey of Internet data center network for sports audience behavior: Currently, Internet users satisfaction statistics for different media reports on sports, the Internet is very satisfied with the ratio reached 65.0%, overall satisfaction (Very Satisfied) 92.4 % higher than the traditional television media satisfaction.

And I in general is visiting the store, the big brands of clothes to wear after the first exposure to no escape route, comparison shop unique, not Zhuangshan, with it is also convenient. When the crew installed the procurement, to meet the needs of the situation with the possible role of their usual style of play the role because I mostly white-collar workers, so usually I'll go clean out some shirts, slowly accumulating more and more and more, although is looking for compliance with the play the role, but I also want to Amoy clothes when you can wear in the off screen. Shirt dress with the most natural, with a skirt with pants can be, but now is very popular shirt with jeans, very casual, so it regarded back into the attack and defend clothes.

Solid significantly Polo Factory Store Online mature stable such a big swing skirt with a pattern and may not be suitable for publicity too eye-catching colors, select the color mix used in the workplace can grasp style. 2. Accessories details may overhangs style atmosphere stable if the lack of fashionable accessories will certainly become rigid, so accessories more highlights of it, not only does not undermine the overall style can show good taste.

Lea Seong spring and summer 2010 women's fashion show in the 1920s Flapper style as the theme. We seek new guidelines for independent women. By black, white, yellow, navy blue, orange and so pure color and to show Flapper styles and modern fashion style through a Polo Factory Store Online combination of silver and gold decoration.